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The Dangers of Dependent Disorder

Anxiety Depression

Dependent disorder is a kind of personality disorder that greatly impacts your way of thinking and daily life. The feelings of anxiety can feel overwhelming as a result of the disorder. However, it is still possible to address and overcome

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Why Am I Not Happy After Quitting Drugs?

If you are suffering from a substance use disorder and have opted to get healthy, you should be proud of yourself for making such a difficult and courageous decision. However, many people report feeling bored, uninspired, or sad after quitting

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Dysthymia and Addiction

While depression is well-known, dysthymia is a lesser-known mood disorder. Dysthymia is a sort of low-level depression that alternates between periods of normal and poor mood. Dysthymia, like serious depression, can continue untreated for a long time, although the symptoms

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