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Eating to Support Your Liver After Substance Abuse

Healthy Eating

One of the organs that is most affected by drug and/or alcohol abuse is the liver. After years of excessive drinking or abusing drugs, the liver has had to work relentlessly to rid the body of these toxic substances and

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This Holistic Therapy is Essential in Addiction Recovery

Thai Massage

Massages are commonly thought of as a way to unwind and treat yourself to some peaceful, restorative self-care time. In recovery, therapeutic massages are used for so much more than just relaxing and act as an intricate part of the

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Take Care of Your Health: Avoid Dangerous Detoxes

Avoid dangerous detox

Many people decide to complete an at-home detox or a “body cleanse” in an attempt to remedy their “problem” of eating too much unhealthy food or drinking too much alcohol. Detoxification is a process by which the body naturally dispels

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What to Expect From a Benzodiazepine Detox

Benzodiazepines are man-made drugs that help treat symptoms such as inability to sleep, racing thoughts, unusual talkativeness, panic, and agitation. These drugs increase the production of a neurotransmitter in the brain, in which a person is likely to experience greater

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What Kind of Triggers do People Experience in Recovery?

Silhouette of woman in word cloud

Recovery can be a transformative journey that requires dedication, patience, a learning perspective, and so much more. For people that embark on this journey, so much growth occurs. There are many aspects to recovery, such as learning more about addiction

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Intensive Outpatient Therapy

anxious woman talking with therapist

Intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) is a form of treatment often used by individuals who do not need immediate detoxification. Others may use this form of treatment after they have detoxed. This form of therapy provides more structure and intensive care

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Is Acupuncture Helpful For Heroin Addiction?

holistic healing

If there is any one factor which contributes to the continuation of heroin and opioid addiction, it might be the withdrawals. Symptoms of withdrawals for heroin and opioid addiction are some of the most severe. Body aches to the extreme,

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