Can Food Change Your Mood? The Answer Is Yes

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Food can make or break your mood. We can see how food changes the way our mind and body chemistry works through some simple examples. Coffee, which is caffeine, a stimulant, revs our engine, bringing excitement to our mind and our body. Sugar, another stimulant, does the same. We become hyper, aroused, highly sensitive. Both substances can lead to a crash, a difficulty staying awake, feeling extra exhausted, and sometimes being particularly emotionally erratic. Another example is water. Without water we become dehydrated, which slows our cognitive functioning, brings our energy level down, and causes us to get cranky. No example is more evident than the phenomenon of “hanger” when someone gets so hungry their mood changes and they become very angry.

Our brains rely on the fuel and energy food gives us. In fact, there are essential amino acids which the brain can only receive from food that it absolutely needs to function. Feelings, mood, and emotion all live in the brain, yet we feel it in our stomachs and control it from our stomachs. Multitudes of new research is being devoted to investigating the mind-stomach relationship and how certain bacteria, called “gut bacteria” created in the stomach as the result of eating certain foods affects the brain and how it works.

For recovery from mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders like addiction and alcoholism, eating a mood-focused diet is an important tool. The right food can help you manage your emotions, reduce your stress, Here are the most influential foods you can eat to boost your mood, brain activity, energy, and wellbeing:


Salmon has all the omega-3 fatty acids and B12 vitamins your brain and body needs to optimum functioning.


Put salmon and avocado together for a delicious treat. Avocado is a healthy fat, which the brain needs, as well as the bones in the body. Avocado also has high amounts of omega-3 acids.

Green Vegetables

Leafy greens and many other green vegetables have high levels of magnesium which the brain needs for managing serotonin and the body needs for relaxing the muscles.


Berries are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Eating a lot of fruit and berries helps train your body to appreciate a different kind of sugar outside of processed or refined sugar. Craving a strawberry over an ice cream will help the body and brain recover in a healthy way.

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