Relaxing With ADHD? Is It Possible?

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Learning to live with mental health disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder really does mean learning to live with the mental health disorder. ADHD requires a specific way of living which helps manage energy, create organization, and still manage some relaxation.

ADHD Needs To Be Organized

Getting everything settled in an organized way is important in order to have a clear mind with ADHD. Organization and being settled go back in forth. In order to be settled, someone with ADHD needs to be organized. However, in order to get organized, often someone with ADHD needs to be settled. Creating to do list, using color codes for organizations, and prioritizing activities is helpful in both organization and creating a feeling of being settled, which helps clear an ADHD mind.

ADHD Needs To Do Its Own Thing

Everyone handles their ADHD in their own way. Those who have ADHD handle themselves differently than other people. ADHD comes with an abundant amount of energy which can’t easily be stopped. Exercising, running, dancing, and any other kind of physical movement can actually lead to the relaxation and focus ADHD needs. For others, constantly moving and doing something might not equate to relaxation. However you manage ADHD, just do it! You know what you need to work with ADHD and create relaxation for yourself, as well as organization and clarity of mind.

ADHD Needs Extra Time

Most schools offer accommodation for students with ADHD by offering them private testing environments with an extended amount of time to finish the test. Often, those with ADHD need just a little more time to get things done. When you’re planning your day, make room for extra time and plan on getting distracted. You’re learning to live with ADHD and work with it not against it. Distractions happen, accidents happen, mistakes happen. Forgetfulness is common with ADHD because the mind is moving so fast.

ADHD Needs Patience

Remember that you’re dealing with ADHD- erratic, unpredictable, and spontaneous. Some days will be easier than others! Have patience for yourself, especially when others around you seem to lost track of their patience for you. Use the tools above and each day will be a productive success.

ADHD is one of the most commonly co-occurring mental health disorders with addiction and alcoholism. Often, it has gone undiagnosed and has become unmanageable. Avalon By The Sea excels in dual diagnosis treatment, providing quality residential care for mental health and substance use disorders. For a confidential assessment and more information on our programs, call us today at 1 888-958-7511.

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