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Avalon By The Sea houses it’s two gorgeous treatment facilities on a shared estate in Malibu. On the cliffside of California’s iconic coastline, our property boasts inspiring views and the ambient sounds of the Pacific Ocean. Canopied by towering trees, filled with lush vegetation, and beautiful flowers, the expanse of our location is filled with magical gardens, beautiful homes, and the wonderment of nature. Each day, our clients have the opportunity to walk peacefully through our serene environment to journal, breathe, reflect, and meditate. Gardens have long been a point of inspiration, with famous gardens showcased around the world. Being around green nature, even being able to see it from your window, has been scientifically proven to increase health. Additionally, being near the ocean or any other body of blue water is also proven to increase health. Reducing stress and enhancing a sense of wellness is part of our mission in creating healing for mind, body, and spirit.

Garden walking, more specifically walking through a labyrinth within a garden, is an ancient form of meditation. Refinery29 writes on the topic. “Labyrinths…aren’t mazes but usually symmetrical circuits made of concentric circles.” Labyrinths range in what purpose they have served. In some cultures they are decorative, in others protective. They have been used for religious rituals, training animals, or trapping intruders. Labyrinths are also used for increasing spirituality.

“Labyrinths are an incredibly versatile spiritual tool,” the article explains, “they aren’t problem-solvers, but they provide people with a template for meditation and prayer they might not have thought of otherwise.” Labyrinths as a method of meditation are scientifically proven. “Research has found that labyrinth walking can be helpful as part of couples and family therapy, for stress management, and to aid with recovery from trauma.”

Recovery is best supported by stress reducing techniques which help clear and calm the mind. Stress of any kind is what triggers the mind toward self-sabotaging and destructive behaviors like relapsing into drug and alcohol use or resorting to maladaptive coping mechanisms. Can’t find an ancient labyrinth nearby? A simple long, mindful walk will work just as well. Walking is about mindfulness and movement, which help reduce stress.

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