5 Methods Of Alternative Healing You’ll Find In Treatment

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Treatment for the recovery of mental health disorders has to accompany the individuality which comes with each client. Alternative healing therapies give each client an opportunity to find a method of relaxation and healing which works for them.

Healing Through Food

Nutrition is key to recovery. The body needs to be nourished in a healthy way in order to sustain the mind while it recovers and works hard in therapy. Organic, gourmet meals help make sure each client is given the nutritious support they need. Working with a trained dietician to create a personalized meal plan.

Healing Through Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient eastern treatment method used as a preventative science. Increasingly, acupuncture is being used for various levels of treatment, especially in patients with alcoholism and addiction issues. There are specific organizations of acupuncturists trained for providing detox relief. A recent movement in New England has called for law which would allow normal therapists and mental health practitioners to administer “ear buds” or acupuncture treatment to the ear for aiding in difficult emotional work.

Healing Through Massage

Massage therapy influences circulation, promotes relaxation, and helps create comfortability with the human touch. In treatment, massage therapy is a deeply healing treatment method. Therapy and different group processing activities can be emotionally stressful and taxing. Massage helps restore the mind, body, and spirit.


Yoga is a discipline and a practice focused on mindfulness, non-judgmentalism, and wellbeing. For everyone in recovery, yoga is a helpful treatment method for healing the body through stretching and strength building, healing the mind through mindfulness and emotional release, and healing the spirit through universality.

Meditation And Mindfulness

Both mindfulness and meditation are clinically proven treatment methods for reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, all of which are experienced during treatment. Meditation is part of all twelve step programs and mindfulness is recommended as part of the recovery lifestyle.

At Avalon By The Sea, we believe the holistic approach is the recipe for success in treatment and recovery. For our primary care treatment programs, we aim to heal mind, body, and spirit while cultivating recovery for a lifetime. For a confidential assessment and more information, call us today at 1 888-958-7511.

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