Anxiety After the New Year

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Whether you’re hosting, attending, or neither, New Year’s can bring about stress. On top of cooking or hosting a party with friends and family that you may not have seen for a long time, it can also be stressful to think of all the goals that you’d like to accomplish this upcoming year – especially if you have anxiety and a fear of failure. With the right mindset however, anxiety and stress does not have to hold you down at the start of this next year. Here are several wonderful tips that you can use to get through it and stay focused on your addiction recovery:

  1. Take the pressure off yourself. Rather than creating these ridiculously high expectations for yourself – for how your recovery is going to turn out, for major milestones you’d like to achieve and more, try breaking your goals down into small steps and taking everything day by day. You’ll be much less likely to feel as overwhelmed – and more likely to reach your goals, too.
  2. Understand that you don’t have to impress anybody. This ties in with expectations, but the reality is that the only person you need to make proud is yourself.
  3. Find a safe retreat. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, take a “time-out” by going to the restroom, stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, going to a room to lie down for a moment, or speaking to someone you feel comfortable with and can trust. 
  4. Spend some time giving to someone else.  Take the time out of your day to go and help someone nearby. Attend a volunteering event and get involved in your community – this will help you to feel more at ease in achieving your own goals, because helping others make us feel good.

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