Breaking Down Relapse

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Anyone who suffers from an addiction knows that recovery is a challenging, lifelong process. We must constantly be aware of our stressors and triggers to note if we are in a situation where we feel the need to repeat old negative patterns of behavior. The beginning of our recovery journey can be particularly difficult, because relapse can be a terrifying concept to grasp. When someone relapses, it disrupts their recovery process by involving a temporary lapse in addictive behaviors. Many people who are afraid of relapsing or who have already relapsed are afraid that they’ve failed themselves, their loved ones, and their recovery – but it’s important to note that relapse is an opportunity for those in recovery to learn more about what they need to heal. 

There are three main ties to relapses – physical, mental, and emotional. 

Emotional relapses may occur in a person and while this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will go right back to their old addictive habits, it is the first stage of the relapse process and could be a tell sign that they might relapse soon. Strong emotions, like jealousy, hatred, anger, sadness and more can all lead a person to begin thinking and feeling emotions that could eventually lead ot physical relapse.

Mental relapses occur when a person is at war between using the drug/substance and staying sober. At this stage of relapse, a person has fleeting thoughts of using and it’s hard to keep these thoughts at bay. A few characteristics of this may be lying to the people closest to them, romanticizing using the substance/drug in the past, dwelling on people, places, or things that tie directly to the addiction, and hanging out with people whom they’ve abused substances within the past.

Physical relapse is the actual act of relapsing – the person uses substances for a period of time, and this is when they must go back into recovery mode and find out what they can do to strengthen their recovery.

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