The Impact of PTSD Nightmares

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After a traumatic event has occurred – even years after it’s happened, it’s not uncommon for a person to struggle with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For many people, it’s a recurring experience that involves waking up from a terrifying dream, while having been sweating and their heart racing quite fast, then unable to fall back asleep because their nightmares shook them so much. The person who experiences this could range from an older man who’s served in the military, to a young woman who’s experienced a traumatic situation. Trauma and PTSD truly don’t discriminate – but this can make it incredibly difficult for a person to recover if they don’t seek help.

Unfortunately, nightmares can occur for many people with PTSD; as the mind and body are trying to recover, those terrifying moments of the traumatic event are stored in memory and all senses can find themselves emerging again the minute the mind recollects the memories of the event – even suddenly. Those who’ve been diagnosed with PTSD tend to experience a wide range of other symptoms alongside their disorder, such as:

  •             Flashbacks
  •             Anxiety
  •             Panic attacks
  •             Insomnia
  •             Nightmares
  •             And more

These symptoms can make it incredibly difficult for a person to function optimally in their daily life; while several studies have been done to try and track this mental illness, the reports may be not be completely accurately because not many people want to admit that they experience this. It’s hard to talk about for many people mainly due to the stigma that a person should be able to “get over” a traumatic event in a certain period of time, even when the damage can have lasting psychological or physical wounds. 

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