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young people in AA

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a 12-Step program that has helped and continues to help millions of people around the world battling drug and/or alcohol addiction. When AA was first cultivated, it was predominantly made up of people who were above the age of 30. Over time, however, the crowd got younger. Within the last decade, Alcoholics Anonymous has seen members as young as 11 years old. Because of the growing community of young people in AA, groups and committees have been organized as a way of catering to these age groups, promoting a stronger fellowship and age-appropriate activities. 


Young People Committees 


Young people decided to cultivate a stronger community within their age groups by creating their own mini-fellowships within the AA fellowship at large. Committees have since been organized all over the world, made up of groups of three to seventy members. These committees represent areas that their members live in and offer opportunities for them to be of service and give back to their recovery community. Participating in service commitments within these committees is extremely beneficial, especially for young people new to recovery. It creates a platform to connect with other people and learn how to have fun in sobriety, combatting the boredom and isolation that can often be experienced when you first get sober. These committees host recovery based events periodically throughout the year. Newly sober young people can attend these events, meet friends, learn more about recovery, or even get involved by volunteering their time. It’s a great way to get in the middle of the program and grow a support network around you. 


Young People Conferences 


The first young people’s AA conference was known as ICYPAA, or the International Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous. The second was ACYPAA, or the All California Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous conference. Both of these conferences hold 24-hour 12-Step meetings, packed full of thousands of people. They also host events that are fun and exciting. Typically, the entire event will take place at a hotel, where you can make new friendships or hang out and connect with around 3,000 young people close to your age.


Finding It 


If you find it difficult to locate the young people’s committees or meetings, there are usually websites that can give you information specific to your area. There, you can find 12-Step meetings created for young people as well as different events and organizations to get involved in. Fun in sobriety is possible! You just have to know where to look to get started. Soon, you’ll have a group of like-minded friends with shared interests and hobbies. Building that fellowship starts by reaching out and seeking community. 


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