Staying Connected Amid COVID-19

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. Unfortunately, those of us struggling with mental health disorders face compounded challenges during these uncertain times. Not only are we experiencing a collective trauma that can be triggering for those of us in recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders, but the pandemic calls for social distancing and isolation which tends to intensify mental health symptoms. While things may feel difficult, it’s important to remember that there are still many ways to stay connected and maintain our mental health. Below are some resources can be helpful during this unprecedented time.


Zoom Meetings 


Zoom is a video calling platform that the 12-Step community has utilized as a way of keeping meetings active. These meetings use the same format as 12-Step meetings normally do and are held around the clock. Depending on which 12-Step program you prefer, you can visit their website for information and meeting schedules. Attending these meetings is a great way to stay connected with the recovery community. From there, you can share and get phone numbers. You can even log on to the meeting early and stay late to get to know the attendees and fellowship for additional support. 




If you are struggling with substance use disorder, there are books and literature that you can read to remind you that you’re not alone and that there is a solution. In the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, there are plenty of stories that people have written outlining their experience in active addiction and how they achieved long term recovery. Additionally, pamphlets and other online reading material can be found on the websites specific to the 12-Step program of your preference. Taking advantage of 12-Step literature can make all the difference, especially if you can’t make it to a meeting.


Smartphone Applications 


There are countless apps that you can download, offering guided meditations and/or health and wellness routines. Keeping some sort of daily self-care practice can greatly support your mental health, making it easier to show up for your recovery each day. Taking advantage of these resources is a good start to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.




Staying connected with people specifically is crucial for mental health. It can be easy to disconnect and feel alone during these times but try not to let your head get the best of you. When you notice yourself isolating, make a conscious effort to reach out. Call a loved one or check on a friend. Get in touch with your sober community. There are even mental health professionals available for additional support over the phone and online, should you need it. 


Navigating this pandemic has not been easy for anyone. There is no shame in finding that you need more support. If you are struggling to maintain your sobriety, or are currently in active addiction and seeking connection to a recovery community, Avalon Malibu is here to help. Call us today for more information, at (844) 857-5992.

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