Am I an Alcoholic And/Or Addict?

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Am I an Alcoholic And/Or Addict?

Substance use disorder is baffling to many professionals and sufferers alike because it is a disorder that tells you that you don’t have it. Features like this make it difficult to diagnose, as many alcoholics and addicts experience a state of delusion or denial.

Often this denial prevents them from seeking help entirely. At the end of the day, nobody can really tell you that you’re an addict and/or alcoholic. That is something you must decide for yourself. 


Education Through Literature


A substantial amount of literature exists that can provide education and help you to decide if you are suffering from a substance use disorder. Specifically, 12-Step literature has proven greatly useful for many addicts and/or alcoholics.

This literature is accessible online on the associated 12-Step program’s website, as well as at 12-Step meetings. In the beginning, it can feel hard to concede that you are suffering from this problem because of the nature of the disorder itself.

Hopefully, digging into the literature will bring you some clarity and help you tear away any denial you may be experiencing so that you can seek the help you need and deserve. 


Diagnosing Alcoholism And/Or Addiction


One thing is clear: substance use disorder is not a choice. Perhaps you made the decision to start drinking and/or using drugs.

However, once the addiction takes hold, the choice to use is made for you. Drugs and/or alcohol have total control. It is a debilitating and destructive disorder, causing significant pain and suffering


Maybe you can leave substances alone for a bit, yet when you start drinking and/or using again, you cannot control your consumption. If you find that you can’t stop once you’ve started drinking and/or using substances, chances are that you might have a problem.

Additionally, if you find that you cannot stay stopped no matter how hard you try, this might also mean you have a problem. Perhaps you have fallen into depression or are experiencing extreme anxiety as a result of using substances.

Maybe you’ve lost relationships, jobs, or your education, consistently choosing to drink and/or use despite the consequences. These are all causes for concern and reasons to warrant your seeking treatment for your substance use. 


There Is a Solution

Plenty of resources are available to support you as you navigate recovery from substance use. Therapy, 12-Step support groups, and treatment facilities are all great starting points on your healing journey. If you’re interested in treatment for substance use and/or mental health disorders, Avalon Malibu can help.

All it takes is your willingness to acknowledge the problem and your openness to accepting a solution. From there, our experienced professionals will work tirelessly to support you as you work through your individualized treatment program, specific to your recovery needs and goals. Call us today for more information at (844) 857-5992.

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