Is “Rock Bottom” the Only Option for Someone with an Addiction?

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A common myth is that people with addiction must hit “rock bottom” before they will seek help. While this might be true for some, it certainly isn’t true for all – and it’s important that we change our perspective and not make this the default. Many who have an addiction and seek healthcare are hoping that someone will see them for what they could be in the future – to see their potential, their light, their spirit, their improvement. Although this goes for healthcare professionals, this also brings front and center an important discussion about how we can view those we love with an addiction.

CNN raises an important concern: there has been no evidence to support that the level of consequences a person undergoes before seeking help is related to their chances to succeed in recovery. With this, each person’s definition of “rock bottom” is different – for one person, “rock bottom” might mean losing a close relationship whereas for another, becoming homeless could spark them to seek help. If consequences have no effect on chances of recovery success, then shouldn’t we provide support and offer help much sooner? CBC further notes that initial treatment, utilization of every possible resource available within the community, and medical support should all be implemented to best take care of our loved ones.

Whether you have an addiction or your loved one does, remember that anyone can seek treatment and get help early. You do not have to wait until “rock bottom”. Some people with addiction are in denial regarding their addiction and this is what leads to them going through major life events to show them they need help, but others attempt sobriety and find that it’s the right choice for them before they even reach “rock bottom”. One woman described her realization to seek help from addiction as this:

“After a series of drinking fueled incidents, I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take the lying, deceit, guilt, and shame I was putting myself and my family through anymore. One night, while I was on the couch, I had an overwhelming sense of heaviness on my heart that I had never experienced before…I knew without a doubt that once and for all I needed to be honest with my husband about my drinking.”

The woman described above didn’t hit “rock bottom” in the sense that society often refers to; she didn’t lose her home, her family, her job – she got tired of the pain that addiction caused her, and she reached out. “Rock bottom” doesn’t have to happen to you. Realizing is enough.






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