Why Motivational Enhancement Therapy is So Successful

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Why Motivational Enhancement Therapy is So Successful

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is a therapy approach that helps people who are feeling ambivalent about moving forward in treatment find some solidarity and explore their options. This approach is generally for people who aren’t quite sure of the benefits for why they should move forward – but the underlying mechanism behind MET is the aim to spark internal motivation for change. There are several components to this approach, but, when done successfully, a person can become more engaged with their program because they’ve personally chosen to move forward rather than feeling coerced into it. 

The American Counseling Association (ACA) expresses that MET is not only brief, but it’s not grounded in direct persuasion. People who are unsure of whether or not to move forward in recovery likely won’t benefit from hearing straight-forward, persuasive statements – rather, they’d like to weigh out their options and consider the costs and benefits of each decision they could choose. In many instances, MET is considered based on a partnership between the client and therapist; by working together and engaging in discussions, clients can fully consider their options while not feeling threatened.

The following describes two of the phases shown in MET: 

Phase 1:

  •   The therapist will seek to derive self-motivational statements from the client
  •   Listening is emphasized here
  •   Affirmation and presenting feedback is crucial
  •   Reframing and summarizing situations can help the client gain context

Phase 2:

  •   The therapist can assess the person’s readiness for change
  •   A plan can be discussed
  •   Consequences of action and inaction are outlined, so that the client has a full picture
  •   Abstinence is emphasized

 MET is quite successful because it places responsibility in the person’s hands. This type of assessment and decision making can make it easier for a person to remain fully committed to their program should they so choose that path. 

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