How Our Drinking Can Impact Our Mood 

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How Our Drinking Can Impact Our Mood 

Have you or someone you love ever grabbed an alcoholic drink while saying something along the lines of, “I’m stressed”, “I’m depressed”, or “I feel on top of the world!”? We don’t realize it in these minute instances, but our mood can directly affect the way we think about drinking as well as how much we actually drink. Conversely, the type of alcohol we drink – and how much – can have a direct affect on our mood. In 2017, Medical News Today, a website that publishes information related to a variety of health conditions, explained that beer, wine and spirits can all have different effects on us; so, in other words, if you find yourself more aggressive after drinking spirits, you’re not alone.

Professor Mark Bellis from the King’s College London noted a study that confirmed the effect that liquor can have on our mood and explained: “For centuries, the history of rum, gin, vodka, and other spirits have been laced with violence. This global study suggests even today consuming spirits is more likely to result in feelings of aggression than other drinks.”

In 2017, Business Insider covered the various types of alcohol and their direct effects on mood:

  •   Red wine and beer were found to make people more relaxed
  •   Red wine was also found to make individuals more lethargic
  •   Spirits were found to give people feelings of confidence and energy
  •   Spirits were also found to provoke feelings of aggressiveness, restlessness, tears and nauseousness

With so many associations between the types of liquor we consume and how they affect our functioning, it’s crucial that we begin taking a more precautious glances at what we’re about to consume – for our own safety, and for others. 

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