The Little Anxieties We All Face

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Living with anxiety can make you feel like you are all alone in your thoughts. There are some anxieties we all face, every day, that you can rest assured you are not alone in.

Taking On Someone Else’s Responsibility

We all want to be good samaritans and help a fellow human out when they are in need. Sometimes it can feel like too much burden to bear, from holding a place in line, to watching someone’s bag when they run after their toddler. We are happy to help out but feel anxiety when someone else places their responsibility upon us.

Sharing With Someone Else

Sharing is caring, that’s what is said. It should be of no anxiety to us to share with other people fairly. However, humans are complex. We all have egos and insecurities which tell us we deserve more and that we don’t’ deserve anything, respectively. Even though it is supposed to feel good to share, it can cause anxiety to try and find the perfect balance between making sure our needs are met and meeting the needs of another.

Meeting New People

Whether your self-consciousness is pronounced or hidden, we all experience a small amount of anxiety when meeting someone new. Most people witness their inner narrative voice telling them to keep it cool, not be judgmental, and put on a smile.

Receiving Vague Text Messages

If you can openly say that each time you receive a vague text message you don’t immediately think the worst, you probably don’t struggle with any kind of anxiety. Text messaging is a communication method which connects millions of people instantaneously all over the world. What is lost in vocal transmission can also get lost in context. Sometimes there is just no knowing what someone means when they send a certain message, don’t send a certain message, or take too long to reply (or reply too quickly!).

Trying To Fit In

Each person has a unique personality type that expresses itself through ways special to that individual. When we try to adapt ourselves to the masses, even in the smallest of ways, we can experience anxiety. Social acceptance is an important part of survival for humans who are social animals. If wearing certain clothes, listening to a certain kind of music, or thinking a certain way doesn’t match that of the majority around you, it is likely you will feel some sort of anxious self-consciousness about who you are.

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