How Can You Treat Negative Thinking In Depression?

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Ruminating thoughts, feelings of impending doom, and pessimistic negativity are all hallmarks of depression. Learning how to live with and change negative thinking in depression is a primary ingredient in a recipe of successful recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most relied upon therapies for treating mental health conditions. Highlighting the relationship between thought and behavior, CBT helps clients identify their beliefs which fuel their behavior. Taking an objective look at them, ongoing CBT assists in being able to decide if these are thoughts a client wants to continue having and behaviors they want to continue acting on. Continuing therapy utilizing CBT tools allows clients to make proactive changes in their thinking and consequent behaviors.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy was designed to treat more complex personality and mood disorders, like borderline personality disorder. While cognitive behavioral therapy is helpful and applicable to many different mental health conditions, it seemed to fall short for more intense emotions. Chronic major depression can include very low emotional states which include heightened sensitivity and a very intense form of pessimism. DBT is a system for coping with emotional moments when they arise, working to identify feeling-states rather than belief-states before taking action.

Metacognitive Therapy

According to, metacognitive therapy, or, MBCT, is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy, without the analysis. Rather than dissect certain thought patterns and beliefs, MCT leads clients to practical applications for “reducing the negative thought processes and take control over them.” For one study, 20 patients with depression went through 10 weeks of MCT therapy sessions, once each week. 80% of the patients scaled a full recovery from depression symptoms.


Mindfulness based stress reduction is a system of tools which utilize mindfulness practices in order to alleviate emotional stress. Awareness, noticing, and paying attention are the primary functions of mindfulness which encourage autonomy in the emotional process. Without having to pause and engage in practices, mindfulness is an integrated lifestyle in which someone can simply notice how they are feeling and become aware of their behaviors. Importantly, mindfulness emphasizes an attitude of non-judgment.

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