Finding Yourself in Early Recovery

“Who am I?” is a common question that comes up during early recovery. Here’s why it’s so important to answer it.

Getting to Know the Sober You

During early recovery, we’re often inundated with so many rapid changes. Suddenly we’re not relying on our substances of choice. We’re meeting new people, learning new coping skills, and abstaining from our addictive patterns. We’re getting to the root causes of our suffering and we begin a lifelong recovery journey. We start to realize that recovery goes far beyond our sobriety. While sobriety is part of the picture, there is so much more to the story. A big part of recovery, especially early recovery, involves getting to know ourselves again. Who are we without our substances of choice? How do we navigate the world? What are our hopes and dreams? What do we like? This is an exciting and overwhelming time. While it’s tempting to disregard these soul-searching and difficult questions, it’s necessary for our full and healthy recoveries. 

Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

Cultivating a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves is one of the most important parts of recovery. We learn self-care practices like meditation, mindfulness-based practices, healthy eating and nutrition, regular exercise, and self-expression. These tools all serve to help us cultivate an attitude of self-care and love. It’s equally important to accept ourselves. Acceptance is always the first step towards any lasting change and growth. Simple practices like journaling, therapy, group meetings, long mindful walks, and a healthy lifestyle will help us get to know ourselves more deeply. For perhaps the first time, we’re learning to treat ourselves with love, care, and curiosity. This involves listening to our bodies, our minds, and our likes and dislikes. The process of finding ourselves in early recovery is valuable, inspiring, and a lifelong journey.

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