What Kinds Of Activities Can I Do In Early Recovery With Other Recovery Peers?

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At once, in early recovery, the world feels like your oyster, yet possibly the most intimidating oyster you’ve ever come across. Early recovery is a temporary phase during which your sense are heightened, your emotional coping skills are just developing, and as exciting as the world can be, it still seems a little overwhelming. You’re learning to identify how you’re feeling, get a sense of your wants and needs, while gauging your energy along the way. Still coping with symptoms of withdrawal and a vulnerability to cravings, it’s easy to get caught up in misfiring dopamine signals and a deep urge to do something thrilling, or nothing at all. The ups and downs of early recovery are made memorable by going through them with other recovery peers by your side. Together, you can explore, within healthy boundary, the limits of your comfort zone while learning that experiencing life clean and sober isn’t so terrible. When you’re itching to get out of the house, typically a sober living, and go out for some independent activities, here are some suggestions. Remember to stay near by, keep in touch with your house manager, and support each other’s recovery.

Try All The Coffee Shops

In early recovery, there is a lot of coffee to be had. There is a reason coffee is served at almost every recovery support group meeting. A natural stimulant, coffee can provide the perfect fix for a craving, boost energy during exhausted days, and become a fun hobby. If your area is saturated with local coffee shops or independent chains, try visiting as many as you can- just not in the same day. Each time you are wanting an outing, make part of the plan traveling to a new coffee shop. “Recovery dates” with new friends are great with a cup of coffee.

Have Small Group Outings

Even if you’re going to the movies, shopping at a mall, or driving across town to go to a new meeting, going out in a small group can be a great time in early recovery. Recovery is stronger in numbers. Making memories together is one benefit. Having more people around during a triggering moment or a severe craving will help you feel more supported. You’ll witness first hand how meaningful community and friendship is in recovery.

Explore New Interests

Outside of bars and other areas where you used to do a lot of drinking and using there is a whole world of things to do. An establishment exists for almost any interest. Explore old interests you may have lost touch with. Check out museums, local galleries, and downtown areas. Find local gardens, music shops, or scenic routes. Each time your group is going out, choose a new activity or area of interest to explore. It’s amazing to see how much more world there is when it isn’t being limited by drugs and alcohol.


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