Coping with Change

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Change is never easy. Here are some helpful and healthy ways to cope.

The world around us is everchanging and we are no different. The phrase “change is the only constant” is popular for a reason. When we’re feeling mentally tenuous or in the early stages of recovery, change can be especially difficult. Any shift in routine or daily life is hard, even if it’s a positive change. As humans, we’re usually more comfortable staying in the status quo. However, it’s important to be adaptable to change and have a toolbox of healthy, sustainable coping mechanisms for life’s constantly shifting tides. These tools will come in handy during any change — whether it’s a small change to your daily routine, a change of home or city, a breakup, or a new recovery program. 

Practicing mindfulness and healthy nonattachment is a great starting point for coping with change. To do this, simply observe the changing flows around you and note how you’re feeling. Try not to react with intense emotions or judgment. Be a curious observer. Reciting the serenity prayer can be a deeply comforting practice during times of change or turmoil. Also, it’s important to communicate your feelings and talk your way through the change with your group and therapist. Writing in a journal, taking mindful walks, exercising, and continuing your healthy habits will serve as a positive foundation during times of flux. While life is always changing for better or worse, you don’t’ need to uproot your healthy habits. Examples of negative ways of coping with change include isolating, not communicating, drinking or using drugs, or discontinuing the healthy habits that you’ve tried so hard to cultivate. Continue on your own path and try o be as adaptable as possible to the changing circumstances of life. Enjoy the ride.

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