Can Attitude Help You Cope With Change?

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Change is uncomfortable. Often change is out of our control. We don’t know what change will bring, how change will affect us and whether that effect will be good or bad. For some of us, change was a constant in our lives. We barely had the chance to find any grounding beneath our feet. Growing up in an environment that is unstable, unpredictable, volatile, and insecure, change can be tremendously triggering. Often that change included abuse. Traumatized from what was out of our control when it came to family members, spouses, or loved ones, we have a difficult time coping with change.

Life is constantly changing. You are constantly changing. The world is always moving, shifting, and growing. So are you. Change is inevitable and change is constant. You cope with more change than you realize. It is specific change which triggers specific traumas from your life which are difficult to cope with. Learning how to identify and embrace these changes is an important part of recovery. Often, people abuse drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Intoxication was a preferred state to feeling completely out of control of change. Today, you get to live a different life.


Gratitude for change makes the change more bearable. Rather than fight what is happening, gratitude helps with embracing it. Judging, labeling, and creating fear out of change makes it more difficult to accept. Gratitude, however, creates a balance. Gratitude is the way to recognize that everything in life has a purpose and a lesson. We can learn from everything that happens to us, whether it is out of our control or not. Mostly, gratitude helps us to be thankful for the things that matter. Our lives, our sobriety, our health, our wellness- these are the most important things. When we become obsessed with things other than what is important, we tend to forget how important they are and how lucky we are to have them. Gratitude puts us back on track and loosen up our need for control.

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