Are There Different Types Of Narcissism?

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The theory arguing for two kinds of narcissism has been around for decades but is not often discussed. As it often occurs with mental illness, it is easier to generalize a mental health disorder than fully understand the depth of it. Creating a trope out of a mental illness simplifies and compartmentalizes it, but it does not inform in the most effective way it could. Narcissism is used often as ridicule and warning for those who might be working for, in a relationship with, or is the child of, a narcissist. Narcissistic personality disorder is a diagnosable mental health disorder in which people suffer greatly from the way they relate to themselves and the world. Often, the narcissistic behavior is their way of coping with tremendous insecurity and pain, often due to trauma from their childhoods, including being raised by narcissistic parents. 

Narcissism is often characterized by its worst parts: entitlement, manipulation, exploitation, and a lack of consideration for others. The ego driven personality disorder needs to be understood and empathized with no matter how deep the extent of their negative actions go. Narcissistic personality disorder is often co-occurring with substance use disorders, especially alcoholism and cocaine addiction.

Grandiose Narcissism

  • Inflated ego
  • High expectations of how they should be treated
  • React with rage, anger, or entitled aggression when this expectation is not met
  • Tends to be arrogant and act entitled
  • Difficulty in learning from mistakes and prone to repeatedly making them
  • Feel entitled to everything
  • Often have a hard time relating to others in their lives who aren’t getting their needs met because of someone’s narcissism

Vulnerable Narcissism

  • Deep and disabling fears of rejection and abandonment
  • Fluctuating feelings of pride and false pride; superiority and inferiority
  • Ongoing paranoia that they are as worthless as they feel they are
  • Frightened that they will find out their existence is a mistake or shameful
  • Appears shy, conservative, and empathetic
  • Core experience of grandiosity and entitlement similar to grandiose narcissism
  • Sense of self and self-worth entirely defined by how they are having their self-worth validated by others

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