Does My Loved One Have A Mood Disorder?

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Spotting a mood disorder is usually done through subtle changes. If you are concerned a loved one might be suffering from the onset of a mood disorder, look for these commonly occurring symptoms.

  1. The way they live has changed. Your normally upbeat friend has suddenly become slow and low key. Your low key and slow friend has become suddenly upbeat. Something about them is different. They aren’t acting like their normal selves and they don’t seem to notice or think anything is wrong with that. The change makes you concerned.
  2. They don’t look like they’re getting much sleep. Or, it seems as though all they do is sleep. A sudden change in sleeping pattern can be the result of changing chemistry in the brain. If they seem to be acting different and report not sleeping the way they normally do for an extended amount of nights, something could be off chemically.
  3. You’ve never seen them eat that way before. Your usually picky friend who nibbles like a rabbit is suddenly ravenous for anything in sight. The friend you can count on for sharing a hefty meal hardly eats at all. Mood greatly dictates how one eats. A change in mood could be indicated in a change of eating patterns.
  4. They look disheveled. Mood disorders like depression can drain someone of their energy and care for things in the world, like hygiene. Personal appearance is less worrisome than having to deal with a sudden and drastic change in mood. How your friend looks and how much they care about it has changed and you can’t seem to inspire them to care.
  5. They seem to be socially isolating. It isn’t like your friend to pull out of a social event or push off time to spend together. More and more you’re noticing that your friend isn’t interested in spending time with people, even you.
  6. You didn’t know they cried so much. Commercials and billboards in the street seem to make them cry uncontrollably. You’ve never seen your friend so emotional, but it seems as though they can’t keep it in anymore. They cry a lot and seem to be sensitive to everything.
  7. You didn’t know they could be so touchy. If they aren’t crying, they’re being especially moody or irritable. Irritability is a common sign of changing moods. Its hard for your friend to cope with whats going on inside their mind and they take it out on everyone.

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