Drinking on the Job: An Epidemic in America That Needs to Be Addressed

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Drinking on the Job: An Epidemic in America That Needs to Be Addressed

We don’t talk about it that often, but there’s more to addiction than simply being consumed by thoughts of drinking or using drugs. In many cases, substances can make their way into areas of our lives that never would’ve entered before – such as the workplace. The government explains that there are many negative effects that drinking on the job can have, including:

  • Unexplained absence from work
  • Frequent tardiness
  • Excessive sick leave
  • Missed deadlines
  • Carelessness at work
  • Production quotas not met
  • Strained work relationships
  • And more

At the time, it can feel so harmless – “I’ll just have one drink and it won’t be an issue” can turn into, “I’m intoxicated but I doubt anyone will notice” and, before we realize it, our career success can go down the drain. Society in America truly perpetuates the notion of drinking to relax or unwind, but a dangerous line can become crossed when we feel that we need substances in order to get through the working day. 

Last year, Medical News Today explained that people who drink in the workplace often don’t originally intend to, but over time, they feel that they need more alcohol to stay afloat. This level of dependence becomes quite unavoidable over time, and use increases as a person becomes more accustomed to the type and amount of alcohol consumed. In many cases, the consequences of drinking while working come out – whether a person realizes it or not. Small signs, such as acting differently at work or smelling of alcohol, can become noticeable – which places a person’s health, safety and security of their job at risk.

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