3 Ways That Anxiety Can Destroy Your Addiction Recovery If You Let It

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3 Ways That Anxiety Can Destroy Your Addiction Recovery If You Let It

Anxiety affects millions of people each year, and unfortunately, many people don’t seek the treatment they need to manage it effectively. The Mental Health Foundation, a UK-based organization, explains that anxiety is based on fear – the thought of a threat or a worry that something will go wrong in the future. In many cases, the argument of anxiety can feel so incredibly real that it’s difficult to determine what the truth is in a given situation. In addiction recovery, the way a person manages their anxiety can mean the difference between having a mental breakdown or sailing through a situation in a productive way. 

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) notes that those with anxiety disorders are two to three times more likely to battle a substance use disorder (SUD) at some point in their lives, and while there has certainly been some debate as to which comes first – anxiety or substance abuse – the fact remains that both can have a significant negative impact on a person’s livelihood. If not careful, anxiety can lead to a few serious problems in addiction recovery:

  1. It can convince a person that they’re going to fail in their journey to sobriety, even when they’re completely capable of remaining strong throughout their recovery path.
  2. Anxiety can lead a person to believe that they’re making the wrong choice by pursuing recovery and that the path of addiction was better.
  3. Unfortunately, anxiety can sometimes cause a person to be afraid to get close to others for fear of rejection; making it difficult for them to build a strong support system in recovery.

Despite the anxiety, we have to open our hearts and mind to the vulnerability required to heal. This only happens when we admit that things may go wrong – that we may make mistakes, but to acknowledge that we’re strong enough to get through whatever it is that comes our way. 

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