4 Things That Should Never Be Said to Someone Who’s Grieving

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4 Things That Should Never Be Said to Someone Who’s Grieving

Grief has been defined as, “Deep sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.”

Grief can be an incredibly deep and emotional experience that everyone goes through when a loved one has passed away, or even when a traumatic event has occurred. We can’t really predict how much an event will affect us until we’re in it – and in all cases, it’s crucial to surround ourselves with people who can love and support us through the pain. 

Addiction recovery is already an experience filled with ups and downs, and to receive news that a loved one has passed can sometimes feel “too much” on top of everything else we’re going through. For loved ones of those in addiction recovery, what is said can have a huge impact on a person’s wellbeing. Self.com, a website that publishes information related to fitness, food, health, love and beauty, notes several key phrases that should truly be avoided when trying to support a loved one in recovery who’s gone through grief:

  1. “What can I do?” While there is much love and care behind this phrase, there’s truly nothing a person can do to help. In addition to this, it can place strain on the person grieving because now they must think hard to figure out what it is they may need.
  2. “How did they die?” This may seem like an obvious statement to avoid, but it can truly perpetuate devastating thoughts for a person who is grieving.
  3. “It does get better…or maybe it doesn’t.” Your loved one needs someone to just sit and support them. These types of phrases likely won’t help them feel better.
  4. “At least…” While it may be tempting to mention a worse scenario that could’ve happened, the reality is that your loved one doesn’t have that person in their life anymore – and that’s painful. 

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