Children and Opioid Addiction 

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Thousands of children across the U.S. have been shown to be affected by the opioid crisis, and in more ways than one. In addition to the many lives lost and damaged directly from opioid addiction, children are often faced with challenges that other children aren’t – and it can harm children mentally, physically and spiritually, even into their adult years.

What tends to happen in situations such as the opioid crisis is that the United States will focus on one particular problem – such as the overdoses – but then other serious concerns may fall by the wayside, even if unintentionally. It’s unfortunate that many children have been left without the proper care and support because their parents or other primary caretakers are battling substance abuse, such as with opioids – but with more support and resources available, we’ll be able to combat this problem.

Parental misuse is a common occurrence in households when substance abuse is present, and in many cases, children are forced to travel from one foster home to another – which certainly takes a toll not only on the system as a whole but on the children and their families as well. Previous studies are showing that states like Indiana have seen a surge in foster care support for children, particularly alongside the opioid epidemic. This type of explosion destroys families and makes it even harder for children to feel support in life.

Once children are in foster care, they’re faced with so many issues that it becomes more than simply “caretaking” – foster families must then work to help children heal from the trauma that’s affected their family, along with the mental and social support needed for children to thrive after such devastating events. With so many children in the foster care system, and some states, such as Indiana, being overwhelmed with endless cases and not enough time, children’s’ wellbeing is being placed at stake. 

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