Why Is Addiction Referred To As A Crisis

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A crisis is a “time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” An epidemic on the other hand, is a “widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.” Both are applicable to addiction, yet, it is crisis which is the more accurate fit.

Addiction is reaching all time high numbers in how devastating the effect is. Difficulty, trouble, and danger, all exist for those who are addicted and those who are the loved ones of those who are addicted. There is difficulty in getting someone adequate mental health care. Trouble is often part of addiction when it gets out of hand and can no longer be controlled. Being addicted to drugs like synthetics, amphetamines, and opioids, can lead to a fatal overdose. In addition, the illegal international drug market causes violence. Addiction is dangerous.

Spread of Addiction

On the same token, addiction seems to be spreading to more people than ever before. The amount of opioid users since the early 2000’s has grown four-fold. Addiction is often seen as a disease but is in truth a mental health disorder. Though many people are susceptible to developing an addiction if they abuse substances, not everyone is. Addiction is only seemingly infectious, however, addiction does not actually spread. If one was to take a sip from an alcoholic’s beer, they wouldn’t “catch” alcoholism. Referring to addiction and substance specific addictions as being epidemic is inaccurate. Compared to the relatively stable mental health of the general public, addiction is still small.

Addiction As A Crisis

Addiction is a mental health disorder in which the brain loses its control of being able to make autonomous decisions which disregard a need for chemical substances. Chemical dependency is life altering. Unfortunately, addiction rarely just happens to someone. Though there are elements of genetics at play, addiction starts as an independent choice. In the beginning, once chooses to drink or do drugs, and continues to choose them despite negative consequences. A crisis of thought, addiction builds as a result of difficulty saying “no”.

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