Will I Ever Heal From Childhood Trauma?

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Childhood is a critical time for self-development, as developmental psychology has pointed out. Our relationships experienced in childhood have a lasting impact on how we develop as a person and who we are as a person. If our childhood relationships are positive, supportive, and nurturing, that will be the effect. On the other hand, if our childhood relationships are negative, neglectful, abusive, or abandoning, there will be an ongoing sense of instability in people as they grow older. New research suggests that the impactful effects of childhood trauma could last well into one’s 50’s and beyond.

The research also found that childhood trauma can increase risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, and diabetes as well as smoking, sexual promiscuity, and a lower life expectancy. Specifically, the study found, someone who experiences six or more ACEs, adverse childhood experiences, died 20 years earlier than those who did not. Childhood trauma hurts, in more ways than one.

Why Children Are Traumatised

Many parents aren’t ready to be parents. Often, they’ve been abused or traumatised into their own lives without ever going through therapy and working on their own issues. Consequently, a child triggers all of those issues within them. Following by the example they best knew as children themselves, parents often enact their pain upon their child; sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. Childhood trauma is not always direct in the form of sexual abuse or physical abuse. Divorce, separation, abandonment, or domestic altercation can traumatise a child. Additionally, emotional abuse from parents or bullies at school can be traumatising as well.

Healing From Childhood Trauma

Unfortunately, the study did not elaborate on the many people who find healing and hope despite their childhood traumas. Through treatment and ongoing therapy, people are able to process and heal the traumas of their past while learning necessary skills for engaging in happy and fulfilling relationships within their own lives.

If you are experiencing the painful repercussions of childhood trauma and feel like you may never heal, have hope. You can release the past and move forward from it. Your traumatic childhood does not have to define who you are or how you participate in life. We understand the need to take time to work on issues from the past. Avalon By The Sea offers a private and comfortable residential treatment program focused on trauma treatment and healing. For a private consultation and more information on our programs, call 1 888-958-7511.

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