Am I Depressed? 3 Key Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

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At one point of time or another in our lives, we all experience symptoms of depression. Depression should be a passing phase which brings in its heavy rainstorms and then leaves behind a beautiful rainbow. For just less than 10 percent of the population, that rainbow will not come for some time. There is a difference between experiencing depression and being diagnosably depressed. For chronic depression, which is a clinical level of depression, the symptoms are ongoing and interfere with quality of life. Here are some signs and symptoms which might indicate that what you are going through is more than an extended case of bad emotional weather but a deeper problem needing professional treatment.

Your Appetite Has Changed

Depression neither eats too much nor too little. Depending on the person, appetite will change dramatically to either. If you are a typically hungry person and feel no motivation to eat day in and day out there might be a greater issue at hand than hunger. Additionally, if you are typically a light eater, yet cannot seem to find satisfaction in eating enough, you might be developing a coping mechanism with food. We often unconsciously use food as a way to control our feelings. Depression which has not yet been treated can come with a lot of feelings which feel out of our control.

Your Sleep Is Off

Most people assume that depression involves a lot of excess sleeping. For some, it can. Depression is not always the total slow down people perceive it to be. Sometimes, depression can include a lot of hyperactivity in the brain, causing restlessness and insomnia. Not everyone gets the same amount or same quality of sleep night after night. If you’ve noticed you are unable to wake up and feel energized, or can not fall asleep no matter what you do, it might be time to reach out to a professional for an assessment.

Your Passion Is Gone

Depression is most commonly displayed through a sudden lack of motivation and interest in passions. These do not have to be grandiose demonstrations. It might be difficult to get out of bed in the morning to fix your favorite breakfast. You dedication to normal routines has changed, not because you want to change them, but because you feel you simply do not care.

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