Is There A Narcissist In Your Life? 10 Signs

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Being in any kind of a relationship with a narcissist can be trying. Narcissism is both appealing and unappealing for many reasons. If you are worried there is a narcissist in your life who needs help managing their mental illness, look for these signs. Without treatment, a narcissist can hurt people they love and destroy relationships, even when they don’t want to.

  • They’re in competition with the sun: Describing someone as being in competition with the sun is a creative way of saying they need to be the center of attention. Our universe revolves around the sun, though, many people with narcissism tend to think differently. Someone who goes out of their way to be the center of attention, takes the spotlight for others, or makes people feel badly about having any attention, might be a narcissist.
  • They seem to know something about everything: If someone were to ask who the know-it-all in your life is, the answer would be simple. A narcissist struggles to compete with an inflated sense of ego, constantly demanding validation. One way they receive this is through pretending to know everything. Even when their information is inaccurate, they will act as though their opinion is the highest and final.
  • They act like VIP, all the time: When their food isn’t served right, they don’t receive the treatment they should, or anything else doesn’t come to them easily, they get frustrated. Like a celebrity demanding special treatment, their ego gets in the way of remembering, they’re just another person.
  • They truly believe they are better than everyone: At least, that is what they would want you to think. Underneath the surface, a narcissist is treacherously insecure with a painfully low sense of self-esteem. To everyone around them, however, it is important to appear as though cut from a particularly fine cloth. So to say that they believe they are better than and more deserving than others.
  • They don’t let anything go: Considering the grandiose status the narcissist you might think nothing could bring them down. They’re confident, charismatic, competitive, and excel in most things that they do. Often It is surprising when a narcissist becomes obsessed with someone who has wronged them. A narcissist will see no lengths as too great to make sure everyone knows how they have been harmed by someone else.
  • They are highly manipulative: Getting their way is not just a desire, it is a necessity for their emotional wellbeing. As a result, a narcissist is willing to cross moral boundaries, betray relationships, and do whatever is necessary to get what they want, when they want it.
  • They drink too much or have a drug problem: Narcissistic personality disorder is commonly co-occurring with substance use disorders. Euphoria is just the sensation a narcissist needs to satisfy their ever nagging need to feel better than everyone else.

Avalon By The Sea is a dual diagnosis treatment center providing professional care to clients with both mental health disorders and substance use disorders. Narcissism can be treated with therapy and the implementation of new life skills for connecting with others. For a confidential assessment and more information on our programs, call 1 888-958-7511.

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