4 Mindful Ways To Get Out Of Habitual Thinking

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Do you ever feel like your negative thoughts are a rogue sailboat who guides itself at sea? Look to these suggestions for taking back control of your mind’s ship and navigating new waters.

Throw An Anchor

Stopping the perpetual flow of habitual thinking can feel like trying to stop a river with a plastic bag- it just isn’t going to work. Instead of fighting against the stream, just try to throw down an anchor. You might not be able to make it stop right away, but you can find a pause in the middle of the flow to take a look at what is going on. Notice where the thoughts are heading. Can you tell where they are coming from? After taking a few deep breaths, spend a moment reflecting on your current situation. Examine all the environmental and emotional factors. You’ll discover some insight you couldn’t have found when all of your attention and energy was being directed toward stopping the thoughts.

Check Your Routes

Likely, you’ve taken this route before. You were in a similar situation which caused a similar reaction and brought you to this train of thought. That is how habits are born. If you can clearly see the path make note of this pattern. See what other influences cause you to come to this place. Before you can make any changes to the way you charter your course, you have to acknowledge where you want to go first.

Go Boldly Where You Haven’t Gone Before

Breaking habits can seem daunting. When our habits of thinking are negative, it seems silly to experience any kind of fear when it comes to changing them. Habits are comfortable, familiar, and sometimes protective, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t be changed. Courage and audacity is required to set sail in a new direction. You have what it takes. Take a few more deep breaths and hoist the sails.

Live In The Mystery

Heading into uncharted territory is terrifying and exciting at the same time. Adventures wouldn’t be so adventurous if you knew all the details. Recovery is an adventure. You’re exploring and living life in a way you never have before. Live in that mystery and focus on the journey.

Expand Your Mind’s World

Each time you confront your thoughts and look for new options, you expand what is possible in your mind. Quite literally, you are drawing the map for the places your mind has explored and the ways it can get there. Continue to pioneer this new path in recovery, and remember that this won’t be the last time you’ll have to follow the wind a different way.

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