Practices For Staying Sober

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One of the most challenging parts about adopting a sober lifestyle is transitioning out of the old one to create a new one. Drinking and drug use becomes a major part of your life. After getting sober, many are surprised to realize just how significant of a role drugs and alcohol played. Here are a few suggestions for managing every day challenges for staying sober.

Cut The Party Scene

If your old scene was all about the party life, where you and friends were constantly intoxicated, you’ll need to change things entirely. There are some people who are able to go back to their party scene and still have fun without drinking or using drugs. For many people, however, the drunk and high friends as well as the environment is too difficult to bear. Temptations are hard to resist in early recovery especially. You can still have fun and party on your own.

Boost The Luxury Life

Spas, facials, massages, long walks- whatever it is that relaxes you is better than turning to a drink or drug at the end of the day. Self care is a huge part of recovery and a necessary one for rewiring old patterns regarding pleasure and relaxation. Make extra time and go the extra mile to pamper yourself, relax, and have a good time.

Virgin Drinks

On the occasion you do go out and you feel left out without a drink, opt for a virgin drink. Almost any cocktail can be made without the alcohol. Most people find this comforting and helps them feel more included. Other people can feel triggered by the combination of flavors or just the activity of ordering and holding a drink that isn’t just soda or water.

Remember What You Aren’t Missing

It’s easy to forget how bad things got in the end. Even if you didn’t hit a “bottom” the fact that you needed to seek treatment for drug and alcohol use indicates that you weren’t exactly healthy. While you reminisce about the good times, make sure to remember the difficult times as well. Not every drink and drug ended with a good time. Recovery can be rough, but it’s good most of the time. Stay mindful of all the hard work you’re putting into changing your life around.

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Let Avalon By The Sea help you make the most of that journey with dedicated treatment and care. For a confidential assessment and more information on our residential programs, call 1 888-958-7511.

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