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As you’re taking new steps towards healthier living, you’ll want to make sure that your mind, body, and spirit are adequately prepared for all the new changes that will be taking place. Recovery isn’t just about treating the addiction itself – it’s about doing what you can to ensure that you’re in the healthiest state possible as a form of restoration. Physical health is incredibly important because your body serves as the foundation that gets you to where you need to be; without physical health, it becomes harder to carry out daily tasks and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Stretching is a great way to boost your immune system and prepare your mental health for optimal processing. 

There are truly so many benefits to stretching: it promotes flexibility, it corrects our posture, and it helps our bodies become more prepared to deal with injuries as they come. In addition to this, our blood supply increases with stretching – which means that nutrients are better able to reach the parts of our body that really need it for healing.

Light movement has actually been shown to improve our mental health and can boost our mood. Studies have shown that a certain type of protein can be increased through stretching, which makes it easier for our mind and body to heal. Mental illness concerns like anxiety and depression can be reduced, making it easier to function in daily life and thrive in recovery altogether. 

Much like we may need to warm up a vehicle on a cold winter day before we drive it off the parking lot, our bodies need time to adjust to the movement and changes that are taking place. Stretching can improve your circulation and give you fuller range-of-motion, which will also help you react better to falls and other issues that may arise.

There are a few types of holistic practices that can also increase our stretching capabilities, including yoga and meditation. When we stretch, we become more in-tune with our mind, body, and spirit – which ultimately can have a transformative effect on our addiction recovery. 

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