You Might Be Isolating Too Much If You…

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Isolation is a practice which indicates avoiding. When someone isolates too much, they might be on a path to relapse, or experiencing troubling symptoms of their mental health disorder.

Feel Like You’re Starting To Need People Around, Not Just Want Them

Wanting to be socially interactive is a basic desire for almost every human being. When we start to feel in need of being around people, it’s usually a sign we’ve been isolating for too long. Nothing is particularly problematic about needing to be around people. Isolating too much, on the other hand, can be an issue. Research experiments have found that having an active and satisfactory social life can reduce cravings for drug use. In addition, it can reduce symptoms of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. Making that first phone call or sending that first text can be intimidating after a long period of isolation. Friends are usually thrilled to be reached out to, more than willing to help break the ice.

Don’t Have Fun With Yourself

Everyone needs to have a bit of alone time. Time to reboot and recharge is essential for avoiding burnout. Sometimes, being social all the time can be too much. Whatever the self-care regimen, scheduling alone time is an essential part of everyone’s schedule. Alone time can get out of a balance very easily. It’s easier at times to be alone than it is to be with other people. During alone time I no longer feel refreshed but I start to feel burdensome, it’s probably time to flip the switch and get social again. Next time alone time comes up, it will feel as good as it did before.

Are Always Cancelling On People

Breaking out of a long period of isolation can be tough. Every time someone sends an invite, all the good intentions are behind it to attend. Yet, the allure of isolation is stronger than the knowledge that getting out of the house is important. Once or twice is understandable if it’s that time period when alone time is necessary. Canceling on people all the time in order to stay home alone is a warning sign.

Cannot Be Distracted Enough

Netflix, Youtube, Social Media, games that aren’t even entertaining- there isn’t enough to keep you buys or interested during isolation. Being alone has lost its charm and there is a desperate need for something that is stimulating, engaging, and entertaining. Day by day there is a tiresome burden growing for being alone. It is almost guaranteed that a little bit of social interaction, or even getting outside, will help.

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