You Can Change Your Mind About Mental Health (Literally)

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One of the major arguments against experimenting with drugs and alcohol at an early age is that it halts the developmental process. Studies have revealed that substances like alcohol and especially marijuana can impair cognitive functioning, thus slowing the development of the cognitive areas of the brain. Many people who enter treatment find that they pick up where they left off emotionally. Meaning, in some way, once they are clean from their substances of choice, they feel as though they are emotionally at the age of when they started using. Growing up is a part of recovery. While the brain doesn’t age anew, it does learn as well as relearn new patterns, habits, and behaviors. Thankfully, the brain is not completely irreconcilable. The brain is one of the few organs in the human body which is capable of regenerating.


Different activities cause the brain to regenerate. Meditation, for example, has been found to increase grey matter in the brain, which is basically brain tissue which becomes available for new information. Further evidence has been discovered that new nerve cells can grow in the adult mind as well. Changing thinking patterns, patterns of behavior, and habits all contribute to the growth and development of new circuitry, new cells, and fresh grey matter, proving you can literally change your mind.

However, the change doesn’t happen overnight. It is essential to maintain change over time. Habits weren’t built in a day and they won’t break in a day. With time, real concrete change will occur. As a result, you will change your mind, your thoughts, and by consequence, your life.

Need for Help

Such changes begin with a simple thought: i need help. Admittance is a powerful habit breaker in the mind. You destroy the chains of ignorance and denial, setting forth a standard which can never be forgotten. From now on you will either confront your problems head on or choose to ignore them. Unlike before, you won’t be able to ignore all the signs of having a problem. Once you built the pathway to awareness, your mind will develop a lower tolerance for being unaware. This will spread to many areas of your life improving your health in mind and body.
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