Can You Get Happy In Less Than 60 Seconds?

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It only takes a minute or less to get the good vibes flowing and your mood improving.


Vitamin D is just one of the benefits of sunshine. Your sleep cycles, mood balance, and overall well being require a bit of sunshine. Feeling depressed and isolating can literally keep you in the dark. Here’s a few suggestions that will get you in the sunshine and warming up in a flash:

  • Open all the blinds, curtains, and windows in your house
  • Take a step outside into the sunshine
  • Take a vitamin D supplement
  • Meditate on the feeling of the sun
  • Turn on a sun lamp


People use a joke to describe how they let go of their attachment to being perfect all the time: you can’t make everyone happy, you’re not chocolate! It’s true that some people don’t like chocolate. Most people, however, do. Chocolate is full of rich antioxidants and powerful nutrients which are helpful for mood. Try to avoid highly processed and sugary chocolate. Opt instead for a natural chocolate, preferably dark. You’ll give yourself and your mood a treat.


Laughter is infectious. A practice called laughter yoga has been invented which can sometimes involve nothing more than people sitting around and laughing. Even if you fake a laugh, it will soon turn into the real thing. Watch a funny video, think of a hilarious memory, or start a laughing competition with a nearby friend. You’ll be in stitches and staples, boosting dopamine and lightening your mood.


One of the quickest and most sure fire ways to take a shortcut to happiness is through gratitude. It’s easy to get caught up in the negatives of life. Take one minute on a timer to list as many things as you can which you are grateful for. You’ll realize your life is in a better place than you think it is.


Shake off the blues- literally. Movement is proven to reduce the symptoms o f depression while benefitting overall mental health. If you wiggle and bounce for sixty seconds, you’ll give your brain and heart a positive boost and probably cause some laughter.

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