Why Do People With Phobias Need Treatment?

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Everyone is afraid of something. If they aren’t afraid, they are definitely made uneasy by the idea of a certain object, experience, sight, smell, sound, or anything else they develop a phobia toward. Common phobias like clowns, snakes, and spiders, are easy enough to avoid. For some people, the phobia is mild. They don’t like the idea of rabbits, so they stay away from rabbits and it otherwise has no effect on their lives. People who have a phobia of flying, on the other hand, find it difficult to get on a plane. Anxiety, panic, sweating, shaking, inability to breathe, think clearly, or move, is common. Phobias can develop about anything and become highly debilitating for people who are living with them. In extreme cases, phobias can impair someone’s quality of life in such a severe way that an individual loses their ability to live freely and happily.

Phobias are rooted in anxiety. Anxiety disorders can be debilitating and inspire individuals to turn to negative behaviors to cope with their obsessive thinking and intrusive thoughts. A phobia necessitates treatment when it interferes with someone’s ability to take care of themselves, take care of others they are responsible for, and fulfill their responsibilities in life. If a phobia starts impacting mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing, it is time to seek professional help.

How Phobias Are Treated

As related to anxiety, phobias have to be treated mind, body, and spirit. Mentally, working with a therapist helps a client explore the roots of their phobia, their belief about their phobia, and the ways their phobia has influenced their life as well as the lives of others. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective tool for treating phobias because it challenges the thoughts and beliefs regarding their behaviors in response to their phobias. The use of medications like beta blockers or antidepressants might be used for a while during treatment to help chemically induce stabilization and balance into a loved one’s life. As someone with phobia progresses in their treatment, they might begin exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is done in intervals, gradually exposing someone to the elements of their phobia until they are fully immersed in the environment of their phobias. With therapeutic tools, physical wellness, and spiritual empowerment behind them, these individuals are able to confront their phobias and walk through them successfully.


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