Where Do Body Image Issues Come From?

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Most people are dissatisfied with the way they look and feel that this is a serious consideration for how they feel about themselves, what they deserve in life, and how they conduct themselves. Where exactly do body image issues come from?

Pressure From The Media

“The media” always gets a big dish of the blame when it comes to body image issues. “Media” can include: social media, movies, magazines, tv shows, and even music. Any kind of mainstream messaging can create a body image issue. For example, it only recently came to light in the last few years that magazine covers and models in advertisements underwent digital alteration. People can photoshop themselves on their phones now before posting to social media.

Pressure From Other People

Other people like parents, romantic partners, friends, bullies, or family members get their inspiration to criticize someone’s body from somewhere. Most often, they are insecure in the way they look themselves and take that out on other people. As a result, they create the same fears and beliefs in others. Studies have found that mothers who criticize their bodies in the mirror in front of their daughters contribute greatly to their daughters developing body image issues of their own.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can be natural for someone who generally feels insecure, shy, or anxious. It can also be caused by just about anything. Bullying, trauma, abuse, mental health conditions, or any kind of event or influence can cause a focus on the body. People are not born with an insecurity about their body. They have to learn that there is a way a body “should” look and that their body doesn’t look that way. Insecurity can cause body image issues. In order to avoid feeling insecure, to manifest insecurity, or to create a hyperfocus on it, a person can become obsessed with their body image and live in negativity about it.

Eating Disorders

Body image is a primary focus in eating disorders. Perfectionism is a leading problem which is isolated in how one looks. Deep fears about eating, weight gain, being judged by others, reaching a certain size or number on the scale are all tied to body image issues. Body dysmorphic disorder is a specific body image issue in which someone is unable to see past their perceived physical flaws. Convinced their flaws define them, they have difficulty socializing and being around other people.

When body image issues become obsessive, they can interfere with your ability to live your life. You can learn to love yourself again and heal the pain of negative body image. Avalon Malibu offers residential treatment programs from our beautiful estate along the California Coast, specializing in mental health treatment to heal mind, body, and spirit. For a confidential assessment and more information, call 1 888-958-7511.

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