Types Of Substance Abuse Addictions And How They Are Treated

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Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment

When people hear the terms substance abuse and addiction, they seem to immediately think of illicit drugs such as heroin or cocaine. This however, is not an accurate picture of substance abuse addiction. While these drugs are often involved in addiction, there are many other substances that are abused on a daily basis.

The three main types of substance are abused are illicit drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol. See how each of these types of addictions needs to be treated in a unique and personalized way.

Illicit Drugs

Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are used for a variety of reasons. The two most common reasons are underlying mental illness and social use. Whether you began using illicit drugs as a way to cope with depression or tried it at a party, the end result is the same.

The treatment for illicit drug addiction requires an intensive substance abuse addiction treatment program. Our program offers a complete detox along with counseling, group therapy, and relaxation therapies, just to name a few. These steps are important to make a full recovery from your addictions.

Prescription Drugs

Many people feel that prescription medications are completely safe to take if their doctor has prescribed them. While many people have no issues taking a medication as prescribed, some may find themselves becoming dependent on the medication to function. The most common prescription medications that cause addiction are anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and pain relievers.

The treatment for prescription drug addiction will vary depending on the type of medication you are abusing. For example, if you are addicted to opioid pain relievers, your treatment will be similar to those overcoming a heroin addiction while an addiction to Xanax may only require an outpatient treatment program involving counseling and therapy.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction may start at any age and for a variety of reasons. Some people may begin drinking socially and find they enjoy the relaxed feeling they have while drinking; others may use alcohol to deal with stress. While drinking occasionally is not a problem for most people, it can be if you are relying on alcohol to unwind on a daily basis. This is a sign that it may be time to enter a substance abuse addiction program.

Both our inpatient treatment and our outpatient treatment program will provide you with counseling, therapy, and techniques to handle stress without the use of alcohol. Our goal is to teach you how to remain sober after you have completed our treatment program.

Personalized Treatment For All Addictions!

Regardless of the substances you are addicted to, we have a treatment program that will help you. We realize each addiction is unique which is why we take a customized approach to your treatment.

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