How Can You Use Yoga Therapy In Recovery?

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Yoga Therapy In Recovery - Customized Holistic Treatment Programs

If you are like many people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, you may be wondering how yoga will help you to heal. Upon entering our holistic treatment program, you will notice we don’t take a standard approach to recovery. Many recovery programs use medications to slowly wean the patient from their addictions while focusing on counseling and therapy sessions. We prefer to take an individualistic, holistic approach to recovery. This approach includes diet changes, therapy sessions, and relaxation exercises such as yoga.

Yoga Salutations

Yoga salutations are a variety of positions designed to get our patients comfortable with the basic motions of yoga. Salutations are created with the basic moves of yoga for beginners. These positions include upward and downward dog, mountain pose, and raised arms pose. This is the beginning step to yoga therapy as the movements will begin to stretch your muscles while relaxing your mind, body, and spirit.

How Yoga Helps

While many people believe that yoga is just a series of movements designed to build flexibility and muscle tone, it is much more. Yoga is used around the world as a relaxation technique that allows people to free their mind of daily stress and focus on their inner peace. After a long day of stress and activity, being able to focus only on the movements of your body can be a relaxing experience.

Is Yoga Safe For Everyone?

Many people believe that yoga is only designed for those who are already in shape, but yoga can benefit people of all body types. We encourage our patients to practice yoga at their comfort level. This is to prevent any injuries or strain on the body as it heals and recovers from addiction.

We want our patients to use yoga therapy as a way to relax and clear their mind of any stress that may cause them to use drugs or alcohol. Learning the relaxation methods in yoga will allow you to return to your daily life without fear of returning to substance abuse. You can use these techniques at any time to relax and unwind.

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