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When recovering from addiction, it is important to be surrounded by a peaceful and tranquil environment. One of the best ways to provide this type of environment for our patients was to partake in a house blessing ceremony.

Once we had completed the renovations on our newest house, (which will soon be integrated into our programs), we partook in a non-denominational house blessing ceremony.

During this ceremony we had a Buddhist monk, a priest, and a minister walk throughout the home burning sage and each saying a personal blessing. There are many benefits to having a house blessing ceremony, especially during addiction recovery.

Benefits Of A House Blessing Ceremony

Getting Rid Of Negative Energy

When we re-designed the house for our treatment programs, we had one goal in mind: to provide a peaceful environment to promote maximum recovery in our patients. To achieve this goal, we knew it was important that any negative energy be removed from the house with this personal blessing, to create a cleansing peace throughout.

Filling The House With Positive Energy

While removing the negative energy is important, it was equally important to fill our new home with positive energy! This positive energy can help to promote healing and empower our clients to overcome obstacles. Recovering from an addiction is one of the largest obstacles someone can face and having a house filled with peace, love, and positive energy may be the one thing that keeps them going.

Keeping The Bad Energy Away

While the initial result of a house blessing is removing any negative energy that is already in the home, these ceremonies have a lasting impression on the home as well. For example, the Buddhist monk places a blessing on the main entrance of the home to prevent negativity from entering. The Catholics will also place a blessing over the entrances to prevent evil spirits from entering.

Bringing Peace And Recovery For Our Clients

Having a non-denominational house blessing ceremony allows us to meet the needs of each individual patient based on their own beliefs. The home will soon be integrated into our treatment programs and having the positive energy and protection from negativity is vital to the peace and healing of our clients!

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