Treating Mental Health And Other Causes Of Addiction In Rehab

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Treating Mental Health And Other Causes Of Addiction In Rehab

While substance abuse is thought to be a disease on its own, it is often caused by many underlying issues. Studies have shown a strong correlation in mental health and drug or alcohol addiction. A stressful job or home life can leave you looking for a way to escape. Untreated depression can cause you to self-medicate.

These choices may help for a while but, you will soon find yourself unable to function without drugs or alcohol. At Avalon Malibu, we focus on treating the underlying causes of your addiction as well as the addiction itself. Mental health treatment in rehab has been shown to help patients maintain their sobriety once they have completed the program.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Our main focus in treating your addiction is to discover and work through any past trauma or current triggers. Throughout your stay, you will participate in several forms of therapy. Group, family, and individual therapy will focus on opening up and discovering problems you may not have realized.

In addition to traditional therapy sessions, your individualized program may utilize art and music therapy. This will help you to express your feelings without using words. Many people struggle with talking about their true emotions and alternative therapies help with these issues.  Finding out there are underlining issues after attending intense therapy is very normal. Oc-occuring disorders are common and are best treated together.

Positive Mental Health Activities

All of the activities offered at Avalon Malibu are designed to empower you. By gaining confidence in yourself, you will win the battle against your drug or alcohol addiction. The goal is to teach you ways to channel your stress into safe alternative activities rather than the substances you are addicted to.

Activities such as art, music, horseback riding, and swimming are all thought to be therapeutic in stressful situations. These activities allow you to relax your mind and focus on the task at hand. Many people successfully maintain sobriety when given an outlet for their frustrations, stresses, and past traumas.

By using a holistic approach to treating addiction, we will help you discover and overcome any underlying causes of your addiction and place you on the road to recovery.

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