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Treating Your Mind, Body And Spirit - Avalon Malibu

If you are suffering from one of the many forms of drug addiction, you probably feel like you are all alone with no way out. Our treatment plan is designed to help you heal your mind, body and spirit as well as teach you how to remain sober once you have completed the program. There are many types of therapies you may participate in during your stay at Avalon Malibu.


The most important part of your treatment plan is to heal your mind through the use of therapy. Our facility uses multiple types of therapy throughout your treatment. The primary uses of therapy are to aid in the total healing process.

We focus on group, family and individual therapy as well as spiritual therapy sessions. These sessions will help you to open up about feelings or emotions and learn new ways to cope with them.

Talking about your substance abuse with counselors, other abusers, and your family may open doors throughout your recovery. Many people are unaware of the reasons for their addiction until they are forced to confront underlying issues. Once you have confronted the issues our licensed therapists will help you to work through them.

Recovery Activities

We offer several holistic treatment activities based treatments to fit your individual needs. Physical activities are a way to increase the overall health of your body as well as your mind. Our physical fitness program is designed to make you stronger both physically and mentally. The strength will help you to overcome many conditions that contribute to your addiction such as depression or anxiety.

Art and music therapies are often used when patients are unable to open up about traumatic events that happened in their past. These traumatic events are usually the cause of your use of drug or alcohol and ultimately lead to substance abuse and addiction. By releasing this information, you can focus on the healing process.

Relaxation Treatments

Relaxation is the key to recovery. Day to day life outside of the treatment facility can be stressful. This stress may lead to the use of drug or alcohol as a way to cope. We offer a number of relaxation activities to help you clear your mind and regain your focus. Acupuncture and Yoga are great ways to handle stress in your daily life.

Stress relief exercises will help you to remain sober after completing the inpatient holistic treatment program. Our relaxation therapists will teach you many techniques that be done once you have returned home. These techniques may include breathing exercises or stretches that relieve tension from your muscles and leave you with a greater sense of peace.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance addiction, it is never too late to seek the treatment you need.

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