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Avalon Malibu - Addiction Treatment Fit For a Star

The Celebrity Lifestyle

In recent years, Miley Cyrus has transformed from the cute Disney star that children around the world idolized, into an out of control celebrity. Recent songs glorify the use of illegal drugs such as Molly and her partying ways are beginning to affect her career. Recall her MTV performance with Robin Thicke and you will see the cute kid from Disney seems to be in permanent hiding.

Recently, Miley was admitted to the hospital for what was officially called a severe allergic reaction. However, many find it hard to believe that an allergic reaction would keep her hospitalized for ten days. Concerned for her well-being, friends are beginning to speak out about her hospitalization, claiming it was actually an overdose.

Combat Addiction Head On

The only way to overcome drug and alcohol addiction is to seek help. While many celebrities are afraid to enter rehab, many facilities are offering the privacy needed to help them win the battle. Avalon Malibu strives to help patients suffering from substance addiction in a private and secretive manner. This privacy allows celebrities the time and space they need to recover without fans around the world knowing about it.

Our facility is part of a growing trend in luxury rehab facilities in Malibu, California surrounded by amenities and activities designed for people from all walks of life. The facility and program are designed to promote relaxation and recovery throughout the entire program. With a gorgeous view and a relaxing pool area, you are sure to feel at peace. In addition to relaxing activities, we also offer physical fitness, yoga and horseback riding.

Many celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol to overcome the stresses of daily life or a traumatic experience in their childhood. They are then afraid to enroll in a substance abuse program due to the potential tabloid and media coverage. At Avalon Malibu we strive to maintain a strict privacy policy for all of our patients.

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