These Relaxation Techniques Will Help You Relieve Pain

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These Relaxation Techniques Will Help You Relieve Pain

It’s been estimated that around 20.4% of Americans (50 million people) struggle with chronic pain each year. Disease is often the underlying cause of chronic pain, but other instances may be from genetics, injury and accident, etc. If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain for quite some time, you may have found that you’ve tried everything to help ease the discomfort – sleeping medication, opioids, alcohol and other drugs may only numb the pain for so long, but it doesn’t address the long-term implications associated with it. Relaxation techniques have been proven to be useful alternatives against medicine, and can help you treat the core of chronic pain through mind, body and spirit.

Erica Jacques, a board-certified occupational therapist, explained to Very Well Mind, a website that publishes information related to psychological conditions, several ways to address chronic pain at its core:

  •    Deep breath relaxation – by closing your eyes and breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, you will train your mind and body to find and hold its center
  •    Healthy distractions – read a good book, imagine yourself doing something relaxing, go for a gentle stroll around your neighborhood; these are all healthy ways to get your mind off the pain and back into the present moment
  •    Massage – Harvard Medical School notes that the varying degrees of pressure found in massage therapy can relieve some of that stress pent up in muscles and can induce anxiety-relieving effects
  •    Yoga – the strong poses found in yoga have been proven to help improve flexibility, balance and strength; for those with chronic pain, yoga can also help treat arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, lower back pain and more
  •    Meditation – previous studies have shown that meditation can activate and reinforce some areas of the brain, which can reduce pain intensity for many patients

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