Sleep and Recovery: How They’re Intertwined

Sleep and Recovery: How They’re Intertwined

Earlier this year, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Insitute (NIH) explained that sleep is a core function of the human body – and without it, we may experience mental and physical health issues, injuries, loss of producitivity on the job, and greater risk of death. When substances are actively involved in our lives, our sleeping patterns may shift and become less stable because alcohol and other drugs can change the structure of our brain. This means that in active addiction, we’re likely receiving a lot less sleep than what is truly needed – and in recovery, sleep becomes more important than ever before because our mind, body and spirit need that resting period to rejuvenate.

There are two basic types of sleeping movement that we all go through: rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM. The first is the stage that we’re in when we’re dreaming – and the latter describes a phase in which we’re experiencing deep sleep or slow wave movements. The Fix, a website that regularly publishes information related to addiction and recovery, explains that sleep disturbances are quite normal for those in early recovery. In fact, other studies have shown that those in addiction recovery are more likely to also have a sleeping disorder – and it will take some time to restore this process, but our daily habits can have a significant influence on our progress.

Therapist Austin Brown stated, “I think at the most basic level, the stuff that keeps us up at night early in the recovery process is the same fears, anxiety, trauma and regret we used over…It isn’t until we begin settling some of those outstanding emotional balances through recovery work and therapy that we’re able to find general peace.”

As you can see, sleep and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand; it’s important that we work hard to restore the mind, body and spirit so that we can also achieve sleep that will help us rejuvenate.

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