Spirituality Is A Necessity Not A Luxury

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Of spiritual matters, humans have for a long time pondered until they’ve gone mad. Where do we come from? Where do we go when life ends? We have wealth of scientific evidence regarding the ‘miracle of life’ which explains how human beings are created and born. Though we have accounts from those who have temporarily died and come back, we are not yet evidenced in what happens when we pass. Spiritual disciplines and religious faiths have their respective ideals on the meaning of life, the meaning of being a human, and what happens when we die. For the most part, people are left to come up with these answers on their own.


Questioning such existential philosophy is not a way most people would choose to spend their time. Spirituality is not about finding answers but developing a faith regarding that answer. What does it mean to be alive and to be a human among other human beings? How do we make the most of our time here- or is that even necessary? Many who enter recovery find that they are far more spiritual than they had ever known. Recovery in itself is a very spiritual process. Some programs of recovery, like the traditional twelve steps, regard themselves as spiritual programs, helping people discover a power greater than themselves and a manner of moral living.

Atheist or Agnostic

Those who have found themselves to be atheist or agnostic are usually turned off by all of the spiritual talk. Spirituality is a luxury for people who cannot make any other sense of life, is typically their opinion. Spirituality is not a luxury but a necessity, especially for those in recovery.

Drugs and alcohol are often coping mechanisms for those who struggle to make sense of how they are and what their role is in the world. Developing a spirituality helps make sense of those larger questions and create a way of life that doesn’t require drugs and alcohol to cope. Instead, they are able to find peace, acceptance, and serenity.

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