Practicing Non-Attachment for Peace

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Practicing Non-Attachment for Peace

Practicing non-attachment in your life can create space for experiencing more moments of peace and presence in your life. Learning what non-attachment means and how to practice it is a process you can practice in moments of control, fear, worry, and anxiety.

What Is Non-Attachment?

Non-attachment is a process of letting go of thoughts and feelings rather than trying to identify with them, control them, and hold onto them. Learning non-attachment is the key to allowing life to unfold exactly as it is meant to. This helps you release control over what you think life should be like and how you should live it. In this way, you can simply be.

Non-Attachment Leads to Connection

It can be easy to feel detached from reality when living in high states of stress, anxiety, and control. These symptoms can often lead you to try to control what is out of your control, force meaning into a situation that is actually neutral in the grand scheme of things, and think that things “should” be different than they are.

Instead, you can permit yourself to release control, respond to your thoughts and feelings with neutrality, and accept life and yourself as they are. By doing so, your ability to experience a connection to the present moment happens intrinsically. Non-attachment allows you to distance fleeting feelings or forced meaning from what is true so you can experience life more naturally.

Non-Attachment as a Practice

Implementing the practice of non-attachment is easier said than done. It may feel easier some days than others, depending on the state of your emotions and the stressors present in your life at a given time. At the end of the day, non-attachment is a continual practice you will always be in the process of learning.

Through recognizing what you are attached to, and learning to release control and anchor into acceptance, life can flow more freely.

Learning to be non-attached to the way you, or life, “should” be is essential in decreasing levels of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and depression. Believing that you can control life is one of the patterns that often keeps you stuck. Through surrendering and accepting, you can experience greater connection in your life. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how challenging it can be to let go of control when control is all you know, and we are here to support you in learning non-attachment for more ease in life. Call Avalon Malibu at (844) 857-5992.

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