Can I Really Experience Inner Peace?

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Can I Really Experience Inner Peace?

It can be hard to imagine being able to experience inner peace, especially if you have spent many years living in a state of chaos, anxiety, and fear. In this sense, inner peace may be a new experience that feels unfamiliar in your body. Sometimes you must lean into unfamiliarity to allow inner peace to begin feeling normal.

Cultivating Inner Peace

One of the most helpful things in finding inner peace is engaging in therapy. Although it can be scary to open yourself up to someone you do not know, having space to process emotional wounds and mental health issues that may be holding you back can be incredibly helpful.

Working with a therapist can help you learn to let go of negative beliefs about yourself, cases of “shoulds” and “what ifs,” perfectionism, people-pleasing, stress, and expectations that are taking away your ability to be at peace.

Reflecting on What Doesn’t Bring You Peace

It can also be helpful to reflect on the things you experience in everyday life. It can be easy to forget that you hold the power of autonomy and choice. Although letting go and learning new ways of being can be difficult, it is also the pathway to healing and freedom.

What do you find yourself thinking or doing that leads to anxiety, fear, and self-doubt? Do you tell yourself who you have to be and what you have to do? How might you begin letting go of these beliefs and stories you tell yourself? Answering these questions can reveal areas where you create chaos for yourself rather than peace.

Embracing Uncertainty

Part of finding your way to inner peace requires you to embrace uncertainty, which also means letting go and allowing flow. It is normal to have fear around change, even if that change can bring you what you desire. Allow yourself to believe that uncertainty is full of potential and possibility, rather than fear and doubt.

Learning what you need to experience inner peace takes time, trial, and error. In cultivating inner peace, it can be important to work with a therapist, reflect on what does not bring you peace, and begin to actively practice letting go of that which does not breed peace.

Beginning to create a life in which you feel at peace with yourself is a process. It can be difficult to do alone, especially if you are prone to overthinking or fear letting go of control. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how challenging it can be to change your lifestyle to create space for peace when states of anxiety, fear, and chaos are more familiar. We are here to support you through exploring what you need for inner peace and what you must let go of to experience it. Call Avalon Malibu at (844) 857-5992.

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